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Sunday, August 1, 2010

where are the buses?

monday has been my trek back days to my reality...meaning back to office day after a two day of R and R with the two most important persons in my life wife and my daughter...but this morning was a bit strange ...i have been waiting for the bus for three hours!it usually take me 25 minutes to get my ride back to Manila..and when i finally decided to to take the first bus coming whether its my destination or luck was not that full..i took the cubao bound even if its like sardined!
my usual bus ride is Pasay bound of any ES,Baliwag or Five Star Bus Lines...still i was lucky to get the ride at exactly 9:00 am... I was at the Gapan terminal of sort at around 6:00 a.m.! and when i arrived at Cubao at around 11:30..a surreal sight it was indeed.. EDSA was moving surrealy fast?...there's actually no traffic at that hour?...u can see beyond that buses are quite few? which crept in me...was there really thousands of bus that is really colurum...?and then i overheard the conductor of the bus asking the MMDA guys(traffic regulators of sort)"is the color scheme in effect?to which the guy was dumbfounded to answer...i dont know whats happening ...but indded its the first time i saw EDSA like it was in the sixties in terms of traffic...hehehe


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