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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Kind Of Day I Got?

My horoscope says, August 4th:Virgo,
In Love, I'll be sensing a great need for independence and will try to escape from dates in order to see friends. At work,I'll have an excellent intuition that will help me make some tempting investments and find the financial tranquility I was looking for. I must avoid waste.

My I "Ching Oracle"says, August 4th:Pi: Union,It is important that I should unite with others and feel part of a group; this will bring me luck. Approaching friends and people I trust helps in moments of need and always gives great strength. Also I should not hesitate to put myself forward in a disinterested way with others.

My biorhythm says , August 4th:Today my intellectual level is 4%: it is advisable that I avoid too much study. My physical level is 5%: it is opportune for me avoid any activity which could be exerting.My emotional level is 38%: perfect day for dedicating to my partner and friends!

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