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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First Shares

I have bought my first shares in the market just this morning.When the Phil. Stock Exchange open its market at 9:30 am.,i simultaneously opened the Citisec
Online website and log in to my account ,and just as expected ..there is already an online notice that I have a scheduled buy of my EIP order (Easy Investment Plan)for today.And after confirming the order,presto! I have my first 100 shares of ALI which happens to be the gainers for today!My next scheduled buy would be next month exactly on the 8th day,ando so on ...etc...not that im not supertitious enough eheheh..8 is just my favorite number ahahahh!Did I tell you i gained Php19.30 already...see the pic of my latest account...Look it up ahahaha!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Looking Backs...

Last night,as I was contemplating what should I post for tomorrows journal,it suddenly dawn on me that my blogs haven't have any post about my past?although im not the kind of person who dwells on the past much coz I am have this notion that you can't change the present from the past.Am I right?So all that stuff you see in the movie or read about time travel is not imaginable for me.
What I 'll do is...just a peek. A peek from the past remember who you are,what you are and why you relation to who you are now.Nothing to change,nothing to retain.A status check actually from a snapshot from years back then.

So starting now...there will be some post that will have a title "Looking Back" which will deal with the my i can have a bit of a distraction from the present .Bear with me as I reveal the past that was I....Me....Mine....that has now shape the present being that is writing this blog now..."Stand back don't know who you're dealing with!"Ahahahahh!...
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