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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Looking Backs...

Last night,as I was contemplating what should I post for tomorrows journal,it suddenly dawn on me that my blogs haven't have any post about my past?although im not the kind of person who dwells on the past much coz I am have this notion that you can't change the present from the past.Am I right?So all that stuff you see in the movie or read about time travel is not imaginable for me.
What I 'll do is...just a peek. A peek from the past remember who you are,what you are and why you relation to who you are now.Nothing to change,nothing to retain.A status check actually from a snapshot from years back then.

So starting now...there will be some post that will have a title "Looking Back" which will deal with the my i can have a bit of a distraction from the present .Bear with me as I reveal the past that was I....Me....Mine....that has now shape the present being that is writing this blog now..."Stand back don't know who you're dealing with!"Ahahahahh!...


  1. ok, i can take that lol...andy ang sabi ng nanay ko kung dumaan ka sa masalimuot na kahapon at di mu pa kayang pag-usapan wag mu daw pilitin, pero kung pwede munang tawanan at kaya nu nang isualt kahit halinghing ng nakaraan mu,.. ibig sabihin daw you have moved on .. di ba.. so kailangan mung balikan yung nakaraan para maassess mu ang kasalukuyan at para magpaghandaan ang hinaharap... ang haba nun ha,, hirap ako magtype Filipino pa naman.. hahahaha...

  2. hahaha ^_^, minsan kasi Andy may mga bagay talaga in our past that we don't give a damn thing to reminisce.. if that's the case then better not to remember them... Pero most of the time, masmasarap kasing isipin ang mga kalokohan ng nakaraan diba? because from there gaya nga ng sabi mo!!! they are mainly reasons kung nasaan tayo at ano tayo presently...

    >> so just enjoy life andy dearie ^_^ give your full blast in everything you do, para walang regrets right???

    >>> TGIF ^_^


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