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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First Shares

I have bought my first shares in the market just this morning.When the Phil. Stock Exchange open its market at 9:30 am.,i simultaneously opened the Citisec
Online website and log in to my account ,and just as expected ..there is already an online notice that I have a scheduled buy of my EIP order (Easy Investment Plan)for today.And after confirming the order,presto! I have my first 100 shares of ALI which happens to be the gainers for today!My next scheduled buy would be next month exactly on the 8th day,ando so on ...etc...not that im not supertitious enough eheheh..8 is just my favorite number ahahahh!Did I tell you i gained Php19.30 already...see the pic of my latest account...Look it up ahahaha!!


  1. Hi Andy wow, yayaman ka dito... sya nawa...salamat sa pasyal...

  2. Yay for your gain! I have no idea how do stocks but it really sounds interesting :)

  3. hi andy. sorry for the late reply. i saw your comment in my blog about the citisec online. yes you can send the pdf file in my email ad.i am not so familiar with it but i am interested to learn. thanks!

  4. how it works. pa share naman baka this is it na.

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  6. I'm in EIP COL too:

  7. @ andy
    Haven't tried the virtual tycoon it but I am interested. :)

    Hey, will you attend the customer briefing later? :)


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