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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My CitisecOnline Account

Convinced by the Peso-Cost Averaging,at exactly 11:00 in the morning ,i have opened an account in the CitisecOnline's Easy Investment Program when i deposited an initial balance requirement of 5k...and then after about an hour later i already got my account name and password within 30 minutes upon my opening of the account! As of this writing I have log-in already to the site and did my first buy on ALI(Ayala Inc.)which will start on Sept 8 (Mother Mary's Birtday!)and then the site will then remind me when is my next scheduled buy , which i set every month. That's how easy will it be investing thru CitisecOnline!
The site is easy to navigate and have features that will help you understand the EIP program in a short time. This is the day that I have stated to the universe that "Universe....This is the day I'll start my journey to financial freedom!" So be it!

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