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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why would I invest?

Investing is simply put as making your money work for you,not to be confuse as another way to make money. Working your butt out in an office is making money.If you want more money, you must work harder and for longer hours than 9-5. And all the while that you’re busy making money,your time to enjoy its benefit diminishes as well.Yes you now have more money ..but.. did you have time to enjoy it?
That is where investing your money fits. Simply put,making your money work for you takes full advantage of your earning potential whether you decide to work overtime or getting your butts to work hard for a raise. The point is that it doesn't matter which method you choose for investing your money, the goal is always to put your money to work so it earns you an additional profit.
It's pretty easy to realize now that I will invest because I want to increase my personal freedom, sense of security and ability to afford the things I want in life!...simply put!


  1. investment is the best thing every people should do.... investing and saving especially for our own future diba?

    Ahm, business is the good form of investment... side line lang palagi

    Happy Friday ^.^

  2. Thank you for sharing to us.there are many person searching about that now they will find enough resources by your post.


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