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Sunday, August 8, 2010

3 Other Baguio Attractions

There are numerous Baguio attractions. With just about all of them having fantastic views and scenery that will stay in your mind forever.Aside from Burnham Park,Camp John Hay,Teacher's Camp,Mansion House,Mines View Park and Baguio Catholic cathedral.There are other "must see" attractions in Baguio City. Read more…

Asin Hot Spring – Interestingly enough,Baguio is the coldest city in our country,but did you know that there is a great place to enjoy soaking in a hotspring!-in Asin Hot Springs.To get there,simply catch a jeep from session Road to Asin.The ride will take about 45 minutes.There are some huge pool of hot sulphuric water,in some pools it is bubbling away near boiling point!

Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary- it is located at 25 North Santo Tomas Road,Campo Sioco. It is a place to take the "cosmic Journey" described as "nature walk of play and discovery into the earth's deep interconnectedness."A total of 14 different stations are inside the sanctuary which were created to portray "the magnificence of the unfolding of the cosmos"The first station is about the coming into being of the universe.The 5th and 8th portray the arrival of the mammals and the coming forth of the primates.The last two stations portray the Earth's religious tradition and a Bio-shelter.

Tam-Awan Village – It is found on the north part of the city. There are number of Igorot huts within the village,giving visitors a look at what home of these mountain people really look like inside and out.Since these huts were set up on different locations on a hillside,visitors have to climb up the steep pathways from one hut to another.Talk about real trekking! Those who manage to access the highest point wiil be rewarded with a great panoramic view of the low-lying areas of La Union Province and also the Gulf of Lingayen which lies due west of Baguio!


  1. my first time to know that there are hot springs in Bagiuo, more like in Los BaƱos, Laguna?

  2. Wow! Thanks to your post, now I know where Maryknoll is, I've always wanted to go back to that place! Baguio is my most favorite place in the whole world, honest! I went to school there in a boarding school when I was 9, hence it brings me good memories. I've heard of Tam-awan Village and Asin Hotsprings but I've never been there because we just frequent the usual places. Thanks for suggestions. Let me add also, for the art and photography enthusiasts, try visiting "Oh My Gulay" restaurant also. pasensya na, friend, I can't help sharing :)

    Happy blogging!


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