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Monday, August 9, 2010

Easy Investment Program

Yesterday I have attended the free "Investing in the Stock Market Today"introductory seminar of the CitisecOnline.And we were introduced to their latest service that they are offering to the investor public.It is called COL-EIP…CitisecOnline-Easy Investment Program.As the speaker started us with the why invest? And why invest in the stock market? I got interested more when the speaker presented the idea of stock market investing simplified by the method Peso Cost Averaging.

He stated that it is a strategy that involves investing a fixed amount of money at regular interval over a long period of time.It is designed to reduce market risk by stretching out the purchase of stocks over time,buying more when prices are low and buying less when it is high,thus effectively keeping your average cost low.With this strategy in effect, The COL"s EIP offers to make it easier for their customer to apply the method of peso-cost averaging by their offered feature of having access to their research and premium growth stock recommendations and also plan out your purchases over time by building continuing calendars of orders that will prompt you through email reminders.All this is done online.

The would be investor will now just have to open an account of 5K to and decide on the investment amount and the frequency,be it monthly,quarterly,semi-annual..its really up to the investor.Then choose dynamic companies to invest on which the COL would recommend. After that, schedule and follow the purchases over time.

To learn more about COL's Easy Investment Program…visit the COL website

Or attend free"Investing in the 'Stock Market Today" introductory seminar held weekly.Register here...

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