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Thursday, July 29, 2010

missing teh tarek...

This morning,as i was waiting for the water to boil,I was wondering how will my coffee taste if I use condensed milk coz we're out of creamer today...then my mind wandered somewhere in the past....I was transported back to a Malay restaurant watching a guy pouring a mixture back and fourth in two container from a was a novelty for me when i saw it the first time. I asked my Malay friend what is he doing?
Obviously he's cooling off the drink! my friend retorted..what was that? It was called "teh tarik"...
It was just a tea with condensed milk...but it was juggled to the air to be thoroughly mixed and at the same cooling it off and it will produce a thick frothy top.And then I ordered one and taste it ,it was nice,not so hot and wonderful.!Too bad ...not one shop here in my neighborhood got these teh tarek...yup i'm back to my town...oops! water's boiling....

1 comment:

  1. hi there. hmmm condensed milk for coffee- sounds interesting. anyway thanks for always visiting my blog. you are one of the nicest bloggers in the block :-)


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