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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gathered Tips in Succeeding in Paid to Clicks

1.Get yourself 5-10 trusted sites that you have time to visit each day.. these sites should have constant amount of ads every day and have ample amount of proofs of payments in their forum.Keep tab of those sites because it can fold anytime..

2.Use the referral links they have provided and start inviting everybody you know and convince them to join. Don't expect everyone to sign up right away .some may sign up later when they see you success.

3. Use some of the balance gain from previous clicks to advertise on the sites you use. Example: if you I receive $20 on a site, use that money to advertise on that site or you rent referrals available on that site. Invest on them.

4. Help your direct referrals recruit their own refs. This will help boost their balance on each day and will keep them motivated .

5. Keep clicking! After your referrals gets big enough, you may feel you don't need to click anymore as your refs are doing all the work! But remember, you have an upline that is counting on your clicking every day and you should pay it forward.

6. Never give up! It takes time to develop a strong direct referrals and sticking to it every day is the only way to achieve it.

1 comment:

  1. Whoa!! this must be a great help to us bloggers.. I will surely make this. See me every day here Bro!!! hehehe

    Happy friday to you ^.^


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