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Monday, July 26, 2010

what's in a name?

....Superman's name came from "Clark' Gable and "Kent" Taylor from the two popular actors in the Thirties, when it was concieved in that era...Superman couldn't fly.and after being turned down several times.The Superman took to the air and became a superlegend.

....Bugs Bunny's name came when someone in the Warner Bros. office labelled a submisssion from a cartoonist "Bugs" Hardaway as Bugs' Bunny,when they were looking for sketches for a tall,lanky and mean rabbit,although the drawing was not used,the word was used to the rabbit star of that 1940 cartoon 'A Wild Hare" which introduced Bugs Bunny.

....Wizard of Oz , this classic tale from the imagination of L. Frank Baum owes it name from a filing cabinet...when a little girl ask him what is the the name of the magical land with scarecrow,tinman and the lion...he looked around in the room for inspiration and saw a filing cabinet with drawers labeled "A-G."H-N" and finally
"O-Z" and quickly answered it was called the Wizard of Oz.!

....Wendy was invented by J.M. Barrie for Peter Pan play.The poet W.E. Henley',close friend of J.M. Barrie,had a daughter who always tries to imitate her dad when he refers to Barrie as "friend".She would say "fwend" or "fwendy-wendy.
Her expression lives on in the Peter Pan and all the wendys that have followed.

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  1. nice, I didn't know that, but these names became a legend from generation to generation, and the next generation to come. btw thanks for grabbing my badge, you are now in my blogroll and followed you. :)


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