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Sunday, July 25, 2010

ads in the movie?

.. this last saturday,on my usual trip to my wife's province in Gapan..i was forced to watch the movie "Hating Kapatid" just so because my my wife and my kid are big fans of Sarah..i got along since cinema in WalterMart Gapan cost only Php.100 per person....where as ...a 3D Film in Robinson Galleria is Php.301! we got in...but to my dismay...right in the middle of the movie is a blatant use of advertisements being shoved to the viewers!...i mean what has the Philippine movie industry has stooped low to the wants of advertisers?i remember a foreign film by Jim Carrey..."The Truman Show" wherein they showed this can be done...but i never expected it in a Philippine movie?....I hope this kind of advertising will not gain populatity in use by the movie producers here...its pathetic...I just hope the new leaders in this movie industry realized it and nip it in the bud...they should not allow it.....


  1. hi Andy, same thing is happening to cable tv, you pay for a monthly subscription to watch shows and movies without commercial interruptions, bec. you are tired of seeing ads over and over again in local channels, some extending up to 15mins even have longer airtime than the shows you are watching,well not anymore, they put commercials there too.. :(

  2. sad...really this one...tha ads is incorporated on the script itself...ahahaah!


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