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Monday, July 19, 2010


i saw the film last friday at the Robinson Galleria...and its quite knew to me the concept of..incepting(inserting) an idea thru a person's mind while he is asleep or in the dreamstate as was shown in the movie...i like the role played by Ellen Page ( Ariadne)..she's an architecture student there employed by Cobb(Leonardo Dicaprio), who was perfect for the job of creating the architecture of the dreamworld they're going to project to the subject the they will incept.Anyway... as the movie wounds i was excited at the beginning of what inception is...the movie unfortunately is not telling it..its just showing its theatrical purpose...

all i can remember from the movie,,is that an idea is really a virus after all the sense of it...?

Gotta make my totem now...i maybe dreaming this...


  1. I'm planning to watch this with friends din... I love Leonardo! :D

    Thanks for dropping by my page! tc!

  2. hi there. was able to watch it last weekend. well nagenjoy naman ako sa movie. find the idea so unique but there is something missing in the film. anyway still think it's worth watching.


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