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Thursday, July 22, 2010

man's reach

....."a man's reach shud exceed his grasp for what's a heaven for!...."
this was my guiding motto when i.... came upon a group of people
in a wealth course schemes last two three month ago....i was aiming
high for it was what seems to be incepted to my mind during the mind
job operation of sort in these wealth courses...boy...what a mind
job it is.....anyway what i did learn was really how to "save" properly
or shall i say "financial management "...they don't want to call it savings...
savers they say are losers...etc...
but the way i analyzed and in my own opinion it is really just a
multi-level marketing mask in a business school concept of sort....
so i got out....immediately after i realized that they're just after your
being their down line...they go on the pre-text of abundance for all..but it still
exclusive for "them".....they have hook it in a popular boardgame but really
behind it is your being their franchise downline that is not even related to
that boardgame....a wellness product franchise after all with a very high initial
money not saying they're bad ,infact they prosper ...i think?
so i say...really analyze before going to that kind of investments..

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