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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First Shares

I have bought my first shares in the market just this morning.When the Phil. Stock Exchange open its market at 9:30 am.,i simultaneously opened the Citisec
Online website and log in to my account ,and just as expected ..there is already an online notice that I have a scheduled buy of my EIP order (Easy Investment Plan)for today.And after confirming the order,presto! I have my first 100 shares of ALI which happens to be the gainers for today!My next scheduled buy would be next month exactly on the 8th day,ando so on ...etc...not that im not supertitious enough eheheh..8 is just my favorite number ahahahh!Did I tell you i gained Php19.30 already...see the pic of my latest account...Look it up ahahaha!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Looking Backs...

Last night,as I was contemplating what should I post for tomorrows journal,it suddenly dawn on me that my blogs haven't have any post about my past?although im not the kind of person who dwells on the past much coz I am have this notion that you can't change the present from the past.Am I right?So all that stuff you see in the movie or read about time travel is not imaginable for me.
What I 'll do is...just a peek. A peek from the past remember who you are,what you are and why you relation to who you are now.Nothing to change,nothing to retain.A status check actually from a snapshot from years back then.

So starting now...there will be some post that will have a title "Looking Back" which will deal with the my i can have a bit of a distraction from the present .Bear with me as I reveal the past that was I....Me....Mine....that has now shape the present being that is writing this blog now..."Stand back don't know who you're dealing with!"Ahahahahh!...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My CitisecOnline Account

Convinced by the Peso-Cost Averaging,at exactly 11:00 in the morning ,i have opened an account in the CitisecOnline's Easy Investment Program when i deposited an initial balance requirement of 5k...and then after about an hour later i already got my account name and password within 30 minutes upon my opening of the account! As of this writing I have log-in already to the site and did my first buy on ALI(Ayala Inc.)which will start on Sept 8 (Mother Mary's Birtday!)and then the site will then remind me when is my next scheduled buy , which i set every month. That's how easy will it be investing thru CitisecOnline!
The site is easy to navigate and have features that will help you understand the EIP program in a short time. This is the day that I have stated to the universe that "Universe....This is the day I'll start my journey to financial freedom!" So be it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What is Peso-Cost Averaging?

Peso- Cost Averaging is the process of buying, regardless of the share price, a fixed peso amount of a particular investment on a regular schedule. More shares are purchased when prices are low, and fewer shares are purchased when prices are high. The cost per share over time eventually averages out. This reduces the risk of investing a large amount in a single investment at the wrong time. And when it comes to implementing investment strategies based on peso-cost averaging, there may be no better investment vehicle than the one offered to by the CitisecOnline-It is pretty much the same as the mutual funds except that you are your own Fund Manager.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tips for a Smart Stock Market Investor Wannabe...

It won't hurt to start to learn and understand the stock market to add to our investing knowledge.Or we can always invest in a mutual fund investment vehicle and let those fund managers take control of your investment.In line with these thoughts I have gathered some tips to learn stock investing for us wannabe right here in the web.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

34th MITHS Grand Reunion

In celebration of our grand reunion this coming November,i hereby post an invitation here sa well as the "34 Things That Make Me Smile When I Think of Mapua High" ...
Being a Mapuan ...i think the reunion is quite nostalgic since its venue is just in front of our school,right there in Doroteo Jose.

Here goes my 34 things...
34 Things That Make Me Smile When I Think of Mapua High"

Ako Batch '83...e2 ung mga nangingiwi ako pag naaalala ko hais iskul sa Em-Ay-Ti..di pa kami Pre –Engineering nun...Pre-posisyon pa lang sa college aheheeheh...

1. Nung First year ako..I-Jamond aku!!!d first in the west ba.!si Mrs Marinas ang T.I. C. namin...

2. Ung class debate na which is the better o the coming years..."golf,golf,golf!" nga talaga ahahaah...

3. Ung Bowlodrome dun..wala na ngaun pins lang bah...

4.Yup.. rumors are true...nakadaan kami sa likod ng Galaxy Theathre!

5. Nag cutting class kami ...nanood kami nung "Paradise"..Si Phoebe Cates! Sikat un poster pa kaya ko nun bah!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Leap of Faith

On the next succeeding days of this week,I am going to open the account on the CitisecOnline's Easy Investment Program to ensure a future not only for myself but to my child.I have thought this over the last weekend and decided that this is the best time now to start investing in the stocks...the key word is "investing' not "trading" as everybody thought of when stock market is in the discussion.Other's mindset on building wealth is ony limited to their own limited savings.
I am convinced that the Peso Cost Averaging is a good strategy and now I believe this is going to be my vehicle in achieving my financial freedom..I am blogging this so that I am publishing it to the blogosphere so that after five years i am going to refer to this blog and show how did i fare..
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